Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for State-Aided Public Housing?

You may apply online at Home – CHAMP (state.ma.us) or by submitting a paper application to any local housing authority.

Where am I on the waiting list?

CHAMP is not a numbered wait list; we cannot provide a number on the list or an accurate estimate for how long the wait will be. Priority on the waitlist can be granted with proper documentation for applicants based on the Housing Situation Priority Policy For WHA

When is the rent due?
The rent is due on or before the 1st of the month.
Whom do I call with a maintenance problem?
Contact the maintenance office:

Regular Business Hours: 617-923-3961
24 – Hour Emergency Phone Number: 617-923-3950

The Watertown Housing Authority Maintenance Department is required to prioritize all work items and address them according to the date received and order of importance based on the following guidelines:

1)     Emergencies
2)     Grounds Maintenance
3)     Vacancy Prep.
4)     Routine Work Orders
5)    Special Projects

What are the WHA maintenance procedures and charges?

Please click HERE to view all WHA maintenance procedures and charges.

How do I submit a public records request?

All public records requests must be submitted in writing to our Public Record’s Officer:

Dianne Santiago

When do I need to report an income change? Can I wait until my annual recertification?

No, do not wait until the annual recertification to report income changes. You may fail to meet State regulations and have back rent due if that occurs. Any gross monthly income increases greater than 10% must be reported as they occur. According to State regulations, the deadline for reporting is the seventh day of the month following the change. Income decreases should also be reported as they occur.

What counts as income for rent calculation?

Any regular payment that a household member receives such as, but not limited to; informal cash assistance from friends or family, wages, state/federal benefits, child support, etc. counts as income. A full list of inclusions can be found in Section 6.05 (2) of Occupancy Standards and Tenant Participation for State Aided Housing

Why is it required that my daughter, nephew, elderly parent etc. report their income and assets? They are in school and/or not working.

Anyone over the age of eighteen needs to report their income and assets annually. As a reminder, not only wages count as income. If someone over the age of eighteen receives no income, WHA will follow up with the appropriate reporting guidelines.

What qualifies as deductions?

Please review your annual recertification packet for the general guidelines of deductible childcare, medical, educational, and disability-related expenses. Any deduction before it can be considered needs to have accompanying proof of payment. If you have specific questions, please call the front office to schedule a resident meeting.

How do I contact the Program Manager?

The best way to contact Program Manager staff is via telephone or email. WHA staff is happy to meet in-person via a previously scheduled appointment at the main office or during regular onsite office hours. Please allow administrative staff 2 business days before following up on an email/voicemail as staff will get back to you as quickly as they are able.

What does the Resident Services Department (RSD) do?

The RSD’s goal is to preserve tenancies by providing short term therapeutic, case management services and advocacy support. The RSD is also responsible for family engagement programming, rental assistance resources, and household stabilization support.

Can a Resident Service Staff provide me therapy?

We have a licensed Social Worker on staff to provide short-term care while you wait for long term services to start.

How do I get help from the Resident Service department?

Call 617-393-0334 or email OFields@watertownha.org with your request for support and you will be contacted by an RSD staff for assistance. Office hours are also available at the Munger apartments and Lexington Gardens.

How do I know what events are happening at WHA?

Check the website’s main page for our calendar of events, or our Facebook Page. Calendars are also posted at most sites on bulletin boards or our Lobby TV’s.

Watertown Housing Authority

55 Waverley Avenue
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone: 617-923-3950
Fax: 617-923-2466

Emergency Service Number:
617-923-3950 (24/7)

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday:
8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Friday: by appointment

Maintenance: 24/7

Summer Hours:

Summer hours begin in late May and end in early September.

Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. Friday 8:30 am - 12:00 pm.