Section 8 General Information

Beginning Monday, February 27, 2023, the Watertown Housing Authority (WHA) will accept applications to establish a waiting list for its Project-Based Voucher Waiting List for 25 elderly units at St. Joseph’s Hall, 2 Rosary Drive, Watertown, MA. A lottery system will be used; there is no advantage to being first to apply. The waiting list opening period will end at 4:30pm on Friday, March 17, 2023, at which time the waiting list will close until further notice. Applications will not be accepted prior to Monday, February 28, 2023.
For more information please read Lottery 2023 Legal Notice.pdf.
To apply please complete the Section-8-Application-8.4.22.pdf.
The Watertown Housing Authority participates in the Massachusetts NAHRO Centralized Section 8 Waiting List.
Applicants can apply to the Centralized Section 8 Waiting List by requesting an application through any of the participating housing authorities or by applying online at gosection8.com/masscwl. Due to the high interest in this program, the wait time for this program is 10 or more years. For more information on the HUD Section 8 Voucher Program please visit the link: hud.gov/topics/housing_choice_voucher_program_section_8

For the online application, detailed information and FAQs about the Section 8 Centralized Waiting List, click on link here: gosection8.com/masscwl

Tenant-Based Vouchers

This type of assistance allows program participants to choose a privately owned apartment, and the Public Housing Authority (PHA) pays a portion of the monthly rent to the property owner. Tenant-based vouchers may be used anywhere in the United States and its territories where there is a PHA operating a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Project-Based Vouchers

Use of this type of assistance is restricted to specifically designated apartment complexes. The Voucher assistance must be used by the participant in a unit designated as project-based. PHAs are only allowed to utilize up to 20% of their Voucher program funding for project-based voucher assistance.

Landlord Information

In recent times of uncertainty and turmoil, you might have asked yourself, “How can I help to make a difference in these challenging times?” Together with the Watertown Housing Authority, YOU can help enhance the quality of life for families of low-income here in the town of Watertown. The Watertown Housing Authority (WHA) provides federally-funded rental subsidy programs to families and individuals of low-income within the town of Watertown and the greater Boston area.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program at the Watertown Housing Authority is funded to assist 156 families of low income. The greatest obstacle for families who receive a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher is locating an owner who is educated about the benefits of the program and also willing to rent to a family of low income. As a property owner in Watertown, you hold the key to improving the lives of your neighbors who may currently struggle to make ends meet. You have the ability to offer a hand-up in a society that too often looks the other way.

Interested property owners can reach out to Watertown Housing Authority and provide information about their units to be shared with Section 8 participants searching for housing. You may also list your property here: gosection8.com/ll/benefits.aspx?benefittype=landlord.

2023 – HCV SECTION 8

Unit Size – All Utilities


1 BEDROOM – $2,417

2 BEDROOM – $2,898

3 BEDROOM – $3,527

4 BEDROOM – $3,894

5 BEDROOM – $4,478

Read our Utility Allowance Summary below:

2023 Payment Standards

2023 Utility Allowance Schedule

2022– SECTION 8



1 person – $29,450

2 persons – $33,650

3 persons – $37,850

4 persons – $42,050

5 persons – $45,450

6 persons – $48,800

Watertown Housing Authority

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Emergency Service Number:
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Office Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 
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Monday and Friday: by appointment

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Summer Hours:

Summer hours begin in late May and end in early September.

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